Oh hello, explorer of the unknown.

We're Boogaloo. Our mission is to design swimwear that encourages self-expression and celebrates our decision to boldly forge our journey. We want to connect swimwear to cherishing our choice to walk away from the ordinary and our open-minded attitude towards new experiences. Vibrance is at the core of everything we design and we see each print as a piece of wearable art with a unique story.

Our persona.

A woman who is magnetic.
A woman who is boldly walking her own path.
To attract the truth of her body and essence.

A woman daring to experience it all.
A woman who is exploring the unknown.
To celebrate triumphs, challenges and anecdotes.

A Boogaloo goddess.

With a devotion to bold colours, we use our travel photography from all around the world to create our prints. Travel photos we're deeply in love with, come to life and through our pieces they're experiencing new adventures. New stories. Past, present and future are magically blending.

How and where we make our products matters to us. In order to produce sustainably, we use digital printing, instead of the traditional textile printing, and luxurious recycled polyester sourced in Italy.

Our pieces are designed in Amsterdam and manufactured ethically by small family owned businesses in Athens, Greece. We start with minimal units of in stock, then based on demand we decide what to remake. This helps us to reduce clothing waste. Our packaging is designed to be re-used and re-purposed.

Born of a fervour for travel and exploration, Boogaloo creator, Melina Giolva, conceived the brand's vision from her experiences between worlds. After a near decade-long romance with fashion and tech in Asia and Europe, Melina's brainchild came by way of a sabbatical where she took inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes she found herself bathed in. Her camera allowed her to transfer the most moving portraits of nature from film to fabric. Out of this, came Boogaloo, a swimwear brand that honours the divine, the lively, and the courage to own our journey. Melina's travel photography and inspiration is at the cornerstone of every piece we design.

''Seeing how the different elements I use to create a new print come together and how my intentions to inspire through my travel stories come to fruition is one of the most joyful moments of my Boogaloo journey'' - Melina Giolva



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